Ultra-high-tensile strength with Nedschroef ultra fasteners


Nedschroef ultra fasteners are a complete range of ultra high-strength steel fasteners (grade 13.9 and higher). Ultra fasteners have been developed to meet the increased demands placed on fasteners to enable efficient downsizing.


The steel used for ultra fasteners is stronger than regular bolt steel. This means that smaller bolt designs can generate the same clamp force as before or even higher clamp forces. Ultra fasteners are made from a new generation of micro-alloyed martensite steels which combine ultra-high tensile strength with excellent toughness and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement.


The steel is extremely clean and the unique chemical composition creates a very fine grain size and a dispersion of nano-sized particles, the two features which generate ultra-high strength levels, as well as the ability to trap hydrogen atoms. There is no need to change existing production methods and equipment...


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