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Historical data

Company history


Nedschroef has been continuously engaged in the production of fasteners for more than a century. The original company activity, the production of rivets for the shipbuilding industry, was started in Helmond in 1894 by Hendrik van Thiel at the same location where Nedschroef Helmond BV still operates. From 1894 till 1987 the company was owned and managed by the members of Van Thiel family.

In the second half of the 20th century the company gradually switched to a high-quality product range for other customers like the automotive industry. From 1990 the group expanded by making several take-overs.

The second core activity in the field of machinery arose as a spin-off from the fasteners activity. In 1962 the invention of a revolutionary hot forging machine resulted in the establishment of the Nedschroef Machine Factory in Herentals, Belgium. Later on their production range was broadened with state of the art machines for cold forging.

The tooling activity (now SMF Tools BV) also grew from the fasteners production activity.

In 1987 Nedschroef Holding became a stock exchange listed company (Euronext, Amsterdam).

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Nedschroef Holding received the Royal warrant in 1994, entitling it to use the ‘Koninklijke’ predicate in the company name.
In May 2007 Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding was taken over by Nedfast Holding BV (55% Gilde, 30% Parcom and 15% Top Management). After 20 years the listing on the Amsterdam Stock Exhange came to an end.


Historical data


1894Establishment of the ‘Hendrik van Thiel’ company at the Kanaaldijk  in Helmond.
1949Establishment of Nedschroef Octrooi Maatschappij, later renamed Nedschroef Holding.
1962Establishment of the machine factory in Belgium: Nedschroef Herentals NV.
1981Establishment Nedschroef Corporation in the USA (assets sold in 2011)

Acquisition of  FCF Europa (became Nedschroef Weert BV), the company is now integrated in Nedschroef Helmond BV.

1987Listing on Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
1990Acquisition of Vereinigte Schrauben Werke (Germany). This became
Nedschroef Altena GmbH, Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH and Nedschroef Lebach GmbH (assets sold in 2009).
1992Acquisition of Lamson & Sessions (Germany) this became Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH and Nedschroef Langeskov APS.
1994Separation of tool activities in independent company, Nedtool BV, which was merged with SMF into SMF Tools BV.
1994Nedschroef Holding BV received royal warrant.
1996Establishment of Nedschroef Fasteners BV (Netherlands), a trading company for the Benelux market.
1996Establishment of Nedschroef Detroit Corporation (USA), a trading company for the sales of machines of Nedschroef Herentals.
1996Acquisition of ECDI, a French trading company, now named Nedschroef Fasteners SAS.
1996Acquisition of Westbult, a Swedish trading company, now called Nedschroef Fasteners AB.
1997Acquisition of tooling company SMF in Helmond. This company was merged with Nedtool BV and is now called SMF Tools BV.
1997Acquisition of Chaney & Bull, a British trading company now called Nedschroef Fasteners Ltd.
1998Acquisition of trading company Handimex in Sweden. This company was integrated in Nedschroef Fasteners BV.
1998Acquisition of trading company Elnor in Spain, now called Nedschroef Fasteners Spain SA.
2000Acquisition of trading company Famik in France. This company was integrated in Nedschroef Fasteners SAS.
2000Acquisition of production company SBT (bolts) in Berlin, Germany, now called Nedschroef Berlin (daughter company of Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH.
2000Acquisition of production company (heavy bolts) National Bolts in Johannesburg, South Africa. This company was renamed Nedschroef Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd. The company was sold in 2009.
2003Establishment of trading company Nedright Technology GmbH, a joint venture company with 5 Japanese partners of which Nedschroef owns a 55% share.
2006Establishment of trading company Nedschroef Fasteners Trading (Jiashan) Co. Ltd. in China.
2006Acquisition of the assets of Gloerfeld GmbH (Germany). These were integrated in Nedschroef Plettenberg GmbH.
2006Acquisition of trading company Sanz Teremig Industrial SL in Spain. This company was integrated in Nedschroef Fasteners Spain SA.
2006Acquisition of production company (mainly bolts) Ferré Plana SA in Spain. This company was renamed Nedschroef Barcelona SA.
2007Establishment of trading company Nedschroef Bratislava SRO in Slovakia.
2007Takeover of Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding BV by Nedfast Holding BV (a privately owned company).
2007End of listing on Amsterdam Stock Exchange.
2008Establishment of trading company Nedschroef Brasov in Romania.
2009Establishment of trading company Nedschroef Fasteners Poland in Poland.
2009Sale of Nedschroef Johannesburg (South Africa).
2011Sale of production facility Nedschroef Lebach (Germany).
2013Establishment of Nedschroef Fasteners (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. In China.
2014Establishment of Nedschroef Aviation Fasteners GmbH in Germany
2014Nedschroef and Shanghai Prime Machinery Company Limited (PMC) successfully complete the merger.
2015Nedschroef successfully acquired two new plants in Beckingen & Schrozberg.
2017Acquisition of CP Tech GmbH (Germany).