Nedschroef Aviation


Nedschroef Aviation Fasteners GmbH is founded in 2014 and supplies innovative and high quality component solutions to major airline manufacturers. The company has bundled its areas of expertise in six centers of competence (listed on the right side). Each of the centers of competence specialize and excel in their field of product and production for quality and innovation.


Nedschroef Group is the leading automotive fasteners supplier in Europe. For more than a hundred years the company has engaged in development, manufacturing and supply of fasteners and special parts. In addition, the company develops and produces superior metal forming machines and tools for the metal forming industry. Currently the group has 26 locations in 14 countries and employs about 2,000 people.



Nedschroef Aviation Fasteners GmbH comprises of six centers of competence


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  • Altena, Germany
  • Plettenberg, Germany
  • Fraulautern, Germany
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Langeskov, Denmark
  • Kunshan, China