Quality Strategy

“Nedschroef group continues the development of the organization, activities, production processes, products and supplier relationship towards a level which will lead to outstanding performances, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.”



Good performance by Nedschroef has led to vigorous growth in the organization and the company’s market share over the last few years. Nedschroef is now considered the most important supplier of fasteners to the European Automotive Industry and complies with all necessary certificates (IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) as well customer approvals. While this position is very gratifying, it also creates its own obligations.


The automotive industry is continuously developing and the expectations it has of its suppliers are becoming increasingly stringent regarding environmental matters, security and efficiency. As a trusted partner Nedschroef takes its responsibility seriously and will further develop its professionalism in achieving these goals.


All of our employees continue to work to achieve an outstanding performance aligned with our customer expectations, as they have done for many years


Every employee is aware of the fact underperformance will influence their daily work, overall customer satisfaction and company results.


Consequently, we strive, via continuous improvement activities within our organizations, to achieve outstanding performance and  being a truly world-class organization.


The awareness, skills and behaviour of our employees is very important and will be given all the necessary support to distinguish ourselves in the market and optimize our organizations in a “Lean Manufacturing” environment.


The awareness and necessity of total quality within our organization, products and services are the fundamentals for our “Quality Strategy”.

Continuous improvement:

Our quality strategy is crucial to achieving an outstanding performance.

Positive results generate positive input and a motivational impetus. This in turn ensures the participation of all Nedschroef employees, a vital corner stone in successful continuous improvement processes.


All employees are dedicated to our continuous improvement activities from development up to delivery through the entire process, utilizing the most effective methods and technologies in a Lean Manufacturing environment


Our continuous improvement process based on Lean Manufacturing principles is called LEAN NED-Systems.

This process is designed to evaluate all internal processes, detect possible waste and with a team approach improve our processes in small but significant steps.


In order to achieve and remain at the necessary levels we work according to four principles:


  1. Zero incidents
  2. Pull
  3. Balancing
  4. Flow


By working on all elements of these principles and adopting a teamwork approach Nedschroef Group has recognized the basics needed to make this process happen.


This teamwork approach ensures we succeed in the continuous improvement of our organization, avoid waste within our processes and have the ability to deliver our products according to specification and on time.

Lean Ned-systems are the basis for everything we do. The nature of these concepts is to generate added value by means of the application of a number of techniques, but without causing manpower inefficiencies, losing money and above all wasting time.




Four principles