Service & Logistics


Our customers require constant support in their quest for continuous improvement. The biggest challenges are in the engineering where everything actually starts. Nedschroef has a big team of very experienced engineers available for all our customers in order to find the best solutions.
Nedschroef can offer an extensive program of different engineering services:

Application engineering

We have more than 50 experienced Application Engineers who will, in close cooperation with our customers, look for the best solution in respect of quality and cost. Our Application Engineers are supported by a very well equipped R&D Centre. Our R&D Centre bundles the knowhow of the Nedschroef Group and executes fundamental research for the development of new innovative products and technologies. We are very proud of our close relationships with our customers engineerings departments, and the value we generate with our engineers for our customers.

We focus on the most optimal solution for each specific applications, always at the latest state-of-the-art.

Resident engineering

Engineering support on-site at our customer where exchange of know-how can take place immediately at the highest level.

Platform engineering

Engineering support which provides the most optimal integrated solutions for the different platforms where a big focus lies on the migration of the different fasteners.

Successor model development

Engineering support for all new models where all improvements made to the previous model will be migrated. The main target being to minimize the total cost of ownership for the customer. Thereby making our customers and us more competitive.



Innovation (research)

Fundamental research for innovations is managed at our R&D centre. Here, complete new concepts are developed for future mobility that will require different products and consequently new technologies.


Nedschroef has very experienced specialists who are pushing to shorten the time to market of these innovations and their readiness at our customers’ premises.