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Nedschroef offers a wide range of logistic services, which can be customized for every supply situation. Nedschroef can offer an extensive program of different engineering services: 



Our warehouses are always strategically located in order ensure lean supplies and short communication lines with our customers.  Nedschroef always staffs its local warehouses with capable internationally experienced personnel. In each warehouse our Lean Manufacturing principles are applied to every aspect of the operation in order to ensure excellent supplies;

Line feeding

Our supplies go all the way till the actual point of fitment, not only for all fasteners but also complementary products. This service can be provided 24/7 where Nedschroef takes full responsibility for product availability at the production line with minimum stock levels. This concept results in low inventory levels and maximum flexibility at variable costs. Our ICT-systems are cutting edge and continuously optimised to the latest circumstances. Payment by a self-billing system is common practice in order to create lean administrative processes. Nedschroef has a proven track record for with leading OEMs for many years now;






Full responsibility for competitive sourcing in-house but also from partners, both for products made in-house as well as complementary products. Nedschroef will reduce your total costs of ownership. Supplier reduction, quality improvement and consolidation programmes are part of this service;


Quality control

Full documentation management according to customer specific requirements. Ownership of quality matters is in the capable hands of Nedschroef. Product life cycle management is also part this particularly for phase-out and ramp-up programmes, where all quality releases must be fulfilled.